When a fire or flood wreaks havoc on your home or business the first concern is everyone’s safety but then it slowly starts to hit you, “What about my belongings?”

In a matter of minutes a burst pipe, natural disaster or electrical fire can destroy much of your property but many times there will still be items you will be able to salvage. The question is, how will you move them and protect them from further damage? You can minimize your losses and save more of your irreplaceable belongings by knowing the best Boston emergency moving company to call when disaster strikes.

Downey Moving & Storage is committed to putting our years of experience as commercial and residential movers in Boston to work for you. Our team of expert movers has seen how much damage can be done in a short amount of time and we are here to make a hard situation a lot easier on you by providing:

  • Expert Storage and Packaging: When water damage from a flood compromises your property, the best way to minimize damage is to get your items away from moisture as soon as possible. We will expertly package and store your belongings while repairs are being made.
  • Restoration Space Preparation: As a premiere Boston office moving company, we know that when you have to make restorations, one of the hardest parts is knowing what to do with items in the space. We can work with you to pack your belongings and also to reinstall them after restorations have been completed.  
  • Damage Minimization: Mold, water and fire damage can all leave you with property that needs to be handled and preserved carefully to make sure damage doesn’t get worse. We are committed to saving your belongings by offering washing, drying and packing services for all your salvageable goods.
  • Disposal Services: Sadly, there are many times when items cannot be saved and knowing what to do with those items can pose a big problem. We minimize your stress by helping you quickly dispose of unsalvageable items.
An emergency move is devastating but don’t let it be worse than it has to be. Get your home, business and life back faster by calling Downey Moving & Storage today.
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