Emergency Moving Services in Boston

Emergency Services

In just a matter of seconds a disaster can strike your home or business. Most of these things will happen without notice. Pipes can burst, a tree can strike your roof or an electrical fire can instantly turn your life upside down. When you need emergency services in Boston, the team at Downey can immediately take the stress out of handling, protecting and storing all or some of your property while arraignments are made. Our expert team has years of experience handling this type of specialized work, so you can trust that you’re in good hands. We understand the process, what is required to effectively get the job done and most importantly, the time sensitive nature of this work. Please contact our team for more information or to get started today!

Boston Emergency Moving Company

While we are equipped to handle a variety of emergency situations, some of our most major emergency service options include the following:

  • Water Damage: Sadly, a minimal amount of water can do a large amount of damage in a short period of time. We will pack, protect and store your belongings while repairs are made to your home or business.
  • Commercial Loss: We work directly with contractors and building management companies to prepare your space for restoration. Once the renovation is complete, we can set up and re-install all of your belongings to help you get back-to-business as fast as possible.
  • Fire Damage: Smoke and fire damage can be devastating to a home and your property. We will pack up all of the salvageable goods and then wash, dry, repack and store them until you are ready to take them back.
  • Mold Damage: Finding out you have been living with mold can be shocking and the abatement can be an arduous process. We will free up some much needed space by storing your goods until your home is safe again.
  • Storm Damage: Natural disasters can and oftentimes will disrupt entire communities. We will help you save and restore your salvageable belongings and help you dispose of what we cannot.

If you’re dealing with an emergency, there’s no time to waste. Call Downey right away to get started on rebuilding your home or business.